Gallery 1, photos taken in and around the river.....





Gallery 2, some more...





Mavunje, our base and where trips usually begin.....




A selection of photos sent in by our guests






Press article taken from travel section of UK newspaper The Independent, written by Leslie Woit.


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Excerpts of video shot by Imagique photo club on september river safari.






Press article from the national Newspaper in the UAE by Minty Clinch


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SA 4x4 mag article on Mavunje






Jim's Elephants....










Here are the annual game count results for 2014 in Bwabwata NP.




 Up an elephants hooter......filmed from campsite 2 toilet with an iphone and a 1m reed fence as a safety barrer!!!!




A quick flight over the floodplain to horseshoe.......

A great article in Go! magazine south africa........even some column inches for Clement's spoons!!